Why I Love Co-ops

 Photo by:  Luca Zanon

Photo by: Luca Zanon

Why do I love Co-ops? Kind of funny I don't know that I've reflected on that question for a while. I guess for me it's that cooperatives still offer me hope... with a strategy.

Cooperatives give us a path to what is possible. History and my own experience have taught me that if we work towards building a strong co-op it will succeed.  So the hope that co-ops offer is real that it offers us is real.

The people that cooperatives attract are generally really nice and I'm very fortunate to count so many as some of my closest friends.

It also offers me a feeling of belonging in a way that connects me to people I have never met.  I guess this is what some may get from religion or atheism or belonging to some social group or team.  It is a comforting good feeling.

So there you have it my most recent reflections on why I love co-ops? Why do you?


Adam Schwartz is the founder and principal of The Cooperative Way, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting all types of cooperative businesses succeed. The Cooperative Way is a strategic partner with CDS Consulting Co-op, a shared services cooperative of 28 cooperative consultants. He provides strategic guidance (for boards, employees and members) for organizations seeking to utilize cooperative principles and values as a primary force in serving their members and the community.

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